Website Redesign

Does your website need a redesign? Well the answer is depends on your goal of business. Doing business on the Internet is no different than doing business in “real life” because images is EVERYTHING! Don’t allow your website to make an unfavorable first impression! Your website must capture the visitor’s attention, have new information, and engage with the visitor. Once they are hooked,its like already half way of moving your business.
The price for a Website Redesign is similar to designing a site from scratch, unless the site needs to be moved to a new host and more pages added, etc. Our services will help you to get what you want. Note that the prices offered is for web packages only and flash version would be a different prices.

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  • WR 1:Consultation

    If you would like some advice so you can fix the site yourself we provide an online consultation service either by using chat application or email.

  • WR 2:Minor Works

    Includes redesigning of homepage only,1 innerpage and current logo.The redesign will be based on the website requirement and this will be delivered in PSD format.

  • WR 3: In-depth Evaluation

    Mostly,we will look into the technical design flaws,hosting and ranking in major search engines and supplying you with tips on how to make your site more appealing to search engines and the general viewing public. Limited for 4 pages only.

Website Redesign Process
The cost of redesign your website is actually depends on you and your website. How big your website is or how fancy you want your website to become. This of course, we are talking about static website only. If you have an online store the price range will be 100% different. We would have to take a look at the site to give you a better idea on how much it will be,usually we will recommend you to take our e-commerce packages offered.
Kindly refer to our redesign diagram for better understanding on how we works.

web redesign diagram

Why should You Redesign?

You may have innumerable reasons to redesign. But ask for yourself a few questions before you do. Are you satisfied with your current website? Does your website comply to current web design trends?
Are your visitors satisfied visiting your site? Is the website user-friendly and easily navigable? Feel free to contact us and we are happy to evaluate your existing website to give you a FREE review report of the website.