Web Design Package

All web design packages are included with web design, first time creation of pages and software for future updates. Only Sapphire and Emerald packages have rights to access to the software. Recurring payment is needed for domain and hosting. Charges of any stock photos(upon request only) used in the design will be added to the cost.
*For html page without site builder software or full flash website kindly refer to our representative for free quote.
For Personal or Corporate Web Design
Ruby Package
Standard base design
Up to 4 html static web pages
1 mockup design
10pcs photos allowed to use
Limited colors
1x static banner
Contact form
Google search engine submission
1x revision
Perfect for those on a budget or wanting fast outcome of online site
Sapphire Package
Professional design
Up to 5 html static web pages
2 mockup designs
30pcs photos allowed to use
2-3 major colors
1x static banner
Contact Form or Enquiry Form
Google,Yahoo search engine submission
2x revision
Under Construction
Or Maintenance Page
Static photo gallery
Up to 3 gallery categories
1xstandard website support
Our most popular web design package, best for SME to generate business leads
Emerald Package
Unique layout design
Up to 6 html static web pages
2 mockup designs
50pcs photos allowed to use
4-5 major colors
1 part simple animation slide banner
(up tp 3 images)
Contact Form or Enquiry Form
Google,Yahoo,MSN search engine submission
Unlimited revision
Under Construction
Or Maintenance Page
Dynamic photo gallery
Up to 5 gallery categories
1x video tutorial and web support
Extra features
Google Map,Share widgets, *Lang. translation(Max 5),
*Social network
Best for serious entrepreneurs who wants quality online branding for their business


Tips:To choose the right package for your website is depending to your needs.You need to determine the number of pages and contents needed.