Website Maintenance Services

We don’t just create and design web but we also offer website maintenance, website redesign and design banners/ads/labels for website. As we all know, for a website to sustain success and serve the purpose, it is essential to keep content up to date. The ongoing process updating content/information on the website will keep users interested and encourage frequent site usage.
We offer 3 comprehensive website maintenance plans to choose from:
spacePlan APlan APlan C

Note that, other than the packages listed above, you can choose minor modification by number of parts update: RM50 per updates.
For example: if there is 3 parts for update in 1 page the price will be: RM50 x 3 = RM150. For adding new page the price is RM100 per page.

Step 1

Step One:Describe

Describe what you want to update, it can be text content, images, anything.

Step 2

Step Two:Choose

Let us know what is your prefered plan.

Step 3

Step Three:Pay

Pay us according to the plan’s pricing.

Step 4

Step Four:Relax

You can sit back, relax and let us do the rest.

Web Maintenance Process

We aim to deliver your website maintenance request on TIME, on BUDGET and with the desired RESULT.All your website updates are given the utmost PRIORITY for speedy COMPLETION. For that reason please read web maintenance terms & conditions below:

  • Customer should provide web content in soft copy .txt , .pdf or .doc.
  • Pictures need to be .jpg, .png or .gif format.
  • Your entire website content will do for backup at every month end using the cpanel wizard backup.
  • Updates are completed within 24-48hours being time received, except weekend and public holiday also has to base on the quantity of tasks.
  • “Maintenance” is defined as maintain the current website. It is not intended to be a redesign or revamp.
  • We will reserve the right to distinguish between “updates” and “new design”. New design task will be charged accordingly.
  • Although we make every effort to make accurate changes, it is the client’s responsibility to review updates and notify us of any necessary changes that need to be made.
  • Updates should be provided through email. If require retyping data or scanning photos it will be charge accordingly.
  • We will remind for the renewal payment every year via email. So make sure you check your email. (For other methods of reminder, kindly asked)
  • If you want to discontinue the services, you need to inform us before the date of the next renewal date of services.