Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions we receive from people who want to create their first website or wants to hire us for design services. Click the list to read the questions and answers. For website creation, you can view our website and development overview page for a break-down of the website creation steps and standard operating procedure.

Before Dealing with Us
How do I get started
The first step is to determined what you want to do. If you want to create a website, the first step in creating a web site is registering a domain name ( However, before you choose a name too quickly, we always recommend our clients to make a brief search about the name. The simple, catchy and easy to remember is always the best domain name to look for.
Once you have your domain name, feel free to contact us or if you are ready to start just hit the request quote. If you still don’t know and unsure where to start feel free to contact and chat with us.

How much does it cost?
As with almost anything, there is free and there’s fee. If you plan on creating a site we have various packages that within your budget. There are two recurring costs that need to be paid: the domain name and the web hosting. In our quotation we already include the price of domain and hosting. For designing services, usually the price will vary depending on how you want the outcome will be.

Are there hidden fees?
There are no hidden fees. Depending on your design and the work required, your cost may be different than what was originally estimated-either higher or lower. If we are creating a 5 pages website for you, and along the way, you decided to add, say, 2 more pages, you obviously realize these items will incur an additional cost. Price listed are pretty straightforward, and can be seen on the packages page.

I’m interested in making a website, What
    should i put on my site?

That would depend on the goals of your web site. Usually, for new comers in online industry, i would suggest whats the best content to put in the website. Any content would do as long as it is con-size, deliverable and informative. One thing to keep in mind-search engines love content, so the more you can say the better.
While Work In Progress
How long does it take to have a web site designed?
Usually the process would take approximately 2-4 weeks depending on you actually.The time frame is determined by the size of your web site, the complexity of your site design, and our current client design schedule. It will also depend on how long it takes for you to get needed material to us.To give you the approximate days on the work progress,kindly check at the web and development page.

What about other design services you offered, how long it will take to design?
It all depending to the complexity of the design. Usually if the concept and theme has been approved by your site, the design would approximately take less than 48 hours depending on the requirement. This is liable to logo design only while apparel design may need 1-3 days. For print media design, the approximate time to finish the the outcome is depending on your approval on certain phases of designs before we start printing.

Do you allow amendments or changes during the session?
Yes, we do allow amendments or changes during the development. Note that it is during development process not after the confirmation stage but usually we allowed one or two amendments depending on the packages. Some packages allow unlimited revisions and some are more like an approval stage. Any extra work apart from the packages will be charge accordingly.

What is mockup and why do you provide it in your packages?
Mockup themes are website themes designed according to your category. It will show the exact website that will be created soon. It includes all the features but with static motion(jpeg or png mode) as mockup is just a demo for customer to choose on the colors,themes,and layouts.We provide mockups for customers to ensure that we deliver what your really want.

Is my website compatible with all browsers?
Yes, to ensure the quality of our works and follow the web standard, we will always checked the compatibility of the website developed in all major latest browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It should be wise to upgrade your browser to the latest version to guarantee the stability, performance and security of your website.
After Purchased Services
Can I update my website myself?
Yes you can. This feature is actually was enable in some of the web packages. But to remind you, to edit and update your own website you need to have a basic knowledge of html and have an FTP program (at least). Please note that if you opt for any form of self-management, this is entirely at your own risk.

Do you provide any tutorials?
Yes, but the tutorial is for certain web packages only and usually we will provide the tutorial in a form of video for easier understanding especially for first time customer. We also provide web consultation for certain of web packages that we offered. For in person tutorial, extra charges would be needed (RM50 per hour).

Do you provide SEO for my website?
Yes, we provide SEO for your website. For those who are not familiar with SEO kindly click here to learn more. We believe SEO can lure more visitors to find your site as the higher a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors you will get. It defer from hit counter as hit counter is just an application for you/owner of the website to know the traffic of your website and useful to make analysis on how many visitors periodically whilst SEO usually have relations with search engine like google and yahoo. We will submitted your site to Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines but it all depends on the packages you have chosen.
What is web validation and why my website need it?
Most pages on the World Wide Web are written in computer languages (such as HTML) that allow Web authors to structure text, add multimedia content, and specify what appearance, or style, the result should have. To make sure we gave the quality works to our customer, this validity process is needed so that your website can be viewed in almost latest major browsers. Currently, we only offer web validity checkup for custom website only.
Ready To Start Doing Business with Us
Why should i choose skulldeart services?
The main reason you can count on us is to SAVE money. All our packages are worth for your money with quality works and we have 5 years web & graphic design,printing and multimedia experiences it is no doubt for you to choose us to design your website, logo or print media.

How do i make payment?
A deposit of 50% of the total initially quoted cost of the website must be made before any work can begin. We accept cash deposit and interbank / GIRO transfer transaction.
The remaining balance is to be paid after work has commenced or the project is completed. But you may find one or two pages of your completed website will be intentionally disabled until the balance of 50% payment has been paid to us. A proof of transaction receipt will be needed for interbank transfer transaction upon payment. The transaction email and account number will be inform to you after the first confirmation of price quote.