Reflection and the feedback/review of the clients


Every designer has his or her own process, and it is rarely linear. In the picture below showing somewhat general of the branding process that our company used to complete the logo design task.

The brand identity design process is important before the full development started so this time posting, our team want to stress more on the number 4 of design process. (To know more about
the details of each process,visit our previous post of “Sneek Pek Project”)


The feedback and review of the clients.
Because we believed that design a logo can easily become a highly personal and passionate experience, so knowing for whom a logo is being created is the key to a great logo.

Most clients want their logo to be design at the very best to market their products or services and this is the crucial part of our designer team to understand the logo target audience is.This is when the feedback and review of the clients is important. Whenever possible, we will get in touch with them and talk about the project. Our team usually will set a few guidelines questions for the clients to answer and listen to what they have to say and then use what we have learned from this interaction during the design process.

Our designer two-cents in listening the clients’ requirements is, not rely entirely on the clients’ opinions to create the logo. Our team would only refer to the target audience to extract the perspective and it become our team’s most valuable skills despite considering the brand positioning.(get in touch to our future post on brand positioning soon).

Here is one example that we have done for our best clients.

Client: Bijak Bestari Kindergarten
Logo requirements by client: A cute kindergarten student with heart shapes carry the school’s names and tagline.
Colors: Colorful colors with not more than 5 colors.
Year of created: 2014
Type: symbol mix with picture and font

After gone through the design process, our team finally came up with few mockups for the client to choose from. From various options, the client finally choose the third option as it is the closest with the reference that we have discussed earlier.


After several discussion and interaction between the client, we finally completed the logo with the 2 kindergarten students a boy and a girl holding a heart as the chinese name of the kindergarten is something related to heart. The color of green is choosen according to the kindergarten’s uniform-green, and the magenta tone color for the circle shape and heart represent the universal love at its highest level. It promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation and encourages a sense of self respect and contentment in those who use it.


Its cute, simple and easy to recognize. The most important thing is, our client is happy and the logo can reach the audience easily.

The rule of thumb in desiging a logo is in its simplest form. So we always make sure we design the logo begining with the simplest form with one color. Once the essence of the logo is working, we usually may consider to add more colors into it to better fit the logo specification.


No magic words or secret recipe to create beautiful and defined logo that meets the client’s mission and vision, instead its all up to listening and communication skills.

Our next post would be about Logo ownership – Who Owns the Logo: Designer or Client?

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