There are no shortcuts to design a great logo and if you do not put much work on each steps of the design process, you won’t get the most optimal results.
Recently, our team has been given a great trust by Venovox Sdn. Bhd to create a so called challenging logo as the logo need to convey the message of the purpose of the company with only 3 colors as the requirements.

As our team sit down together and brain storm the ideas, we realized that we need to visualize the logo emphatically especially in the design process.
Following the 5 step process of designing a logo:

1.Design brief/information gathering,
2.Do a research -trend analysis
3.Build the design concepts(mockups)-sketching, prototypes
4.Feedback and review-client feedback, comments,edit
5.Presentation- The final editable and agreed upon logo by the client and final submission.

Some clients know exactly what they want in their logo but some are not. In this case, Venovox Sdn. Bhd already stated out their requirements clearly. So we summarizes the requirements as follows:

Name or tagline
Have a name. “” but do not have a tagline. Brainstorm for matching tagline to the logo 2 Hours

Quality and research
Have an idea on what should appear in the logo.The logo with shadows of man and woman,or male/female or anything relevant that can convey the message. 60 Hours

Branding and layout positioning
The word Catch Cheating should be in 3 rows. 4 Hours

Colour should be vibrant like yellow or red or purple. 3 colors max. 9 Hours

A color scheme to keep all my branding consistent. 5 Hours

3 concepts to get started. 36 Hours

Finalized logo in 2 weeks time approximately. 6 Hours

Note that we write down the rough timing for every each of works that need to be done as the benchmark on the pricing.

Based on the researh, we found out that this name has already been exist in the market which is based in Singapore.
It creates a little tension for the team to come up with something new and not just copycat of what has been done. So the team compiled the elements of the investigation subject through various of keywords.

In this case – the keywords are: investigator, investigation, spy, surveillance agency, security, gender, trust issue,broken marriage,catch,cheating,cheat spouse

After hours and days working with the concept sketched. Finally the team came up with 3 unique design concepts (mockups) as shown below:
The first logo concept of
Logo Concept 1

The second logo concept of
Logo Concept 2

The third logo concept of
Logo Concept 3

Each of the logo concept has its own meaning and rationales. This is to convey the message to the clients clearly on what, why, how the logo is created in such a way.

Why logo rational?
You can read a good brief explanation of it by clicking HERE!

We got a quick and great feedback from our client. Venovox have chosen the second concept with no peer critiques and they absolutely love the logo!

The final submission was done with a big smile from our team!



There’s no mystery to a good logo design. Follow a good design process, put in the work, and, if you understand your client’s requirements, the outcome will surely be great- Martin Christie.

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